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˜ West African global marketplace


When you visit, showrooms, offices and warehouses the first thing you notice is the real times business and talents at works.

Our teams are outgoing, dynamic and engaging. If you are driven by energy, action, talent, and success, our work environment will be a perfect fit and you will start having more experience and money

If you are interested in breaking the status quo, creating history and being part of the team building the largest e-commerce company in Africa, then please join us!

 Do you have what it take to join Westcoastmarketplace team? See below our list of available open positions.


Customer Management

Junior Product Manager – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)


Mobile Marketing – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

SEO Content – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Affiliate Marketing Officer – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Head of Marketing – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Onsite Manager – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Vendor Manager – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Delivery /Tracking Manager- Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)


Content Graphic & Design


Content Writer – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Content Writer – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Associate Photographer – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Executive Photographer – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Studio Team Lead – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)


Operations & Logistics


Transport Manager – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate)

Training Manager – Westcoastmarketplace (Internship/Associate).


Sales & Account Management


Trade Brokers.

  1.        I.            Professional  trade Brokers
  2.        II.          Registered commerce General


We are continually looking for talented people to become part of our team. We offer a dynamic and diversified work environment, whether you are interested in joining our warehouse and fulfillment staff, call center and customer support team or the corporate headquarters.

We encourage you to search our current job or investment opportunities to find your next career move.


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