Shipping methods


There are 4 main shipping methods to choose from.

Depending on your delivery lead time, budget you are always free to

make a preference


Expedited /Courier shipping

Usually take 2 - 5 days to all major destinations, the fastest shipping method worldwide so far. Shipping costs differ from item to item, but all expedited shipping order will get a 10 to 50% discount on shipping costs depending on sellers

Standard Air freight 

This take 4 - 10 days to all major destinations, and standard shipping freight  costs less, but takes a bit longer than expedited shipping. Shipping costs differ from item to item, but for the free shipping items standard shipping orders will get a 100% discount on shipping costs.


Sea Freight Shipping


 This is usually by sea and recommended for bulk purchases, it is usually also cheaper and we always recommend insurance coverage.

Shipping costs differ from item to item and weight is also considered depending on the location, sailing duration is from 10-14 days 21days to 50 days


Inland Transport


By inland transport we mean delivery indoor either for a fee or free shipping product promotion packages. This happens in most West Africa countries and other countries as might be offered by store owners

Note: The delivery time mentioned above does not include order processing time.

For additional information on shipping methods of your order to your country/shipping address contact